Grand Canyon, Arizona

September 5, 2014


Over Labor Day weekend, I adventured into the Grand Canyon where I camped amongst the Supai Tribe within Havasupai Falls. In these photographs, I share the journey that started literary on rocky ground when other hikers thought their bags were stolen then with a long decent that turned into pitch black making everything doubtful. Especially, when the tribe police took our heavy packs, which in exhaustion, we agreed to, but quickly regretted realizing they may steal them. Good omens finally appeared when we got our bags back, reached camp, saw the other ‘stolen bags’ and found our saviors- The Lost Boys, who were two barefooted teenagers that appeared in a maze of tall brush that lead us to the open site we'd call home.

With the light of the next morning, I woke to find we were nestled among the canyons with the bluest river rushing beside us. It’s the kind of beauty you have to earn, whether it’s a 10 mile hike that bleeds into night, or climbing down into a waterfall in flip flops that are too small.  The village itself was also an interesting place where they have to fly everything in by helicopters whether it’s food, toilet paper, cars, etc. That’s where I met a pup who I named Boo who nearly broke my heart. He followed us a mile back toward the campsite then greeted us again at the top of the hilltop after the helicopter ride back. It took everything in me not to take him home. Maybe one day, I’ll go back for him.