Cigarette Pact

June 8, 2016


In 2015, within mere months of moving to Brooklyn, I was reunited with many old friends who naturally led me to new ones. Among those was Alex Campos who I knew eight years ago after surviving Penn State supplemental housing with freshman year. Alex is how I was able to make this film, Cigarette Pact as my first New York City creative venture.

Although “cigarette pacts” were a concept I long mused over, I was never able to find the scene work to frame the idea on until returning East. Then, within an hour of sending Alex the first draft, I had two incredible actors, I happened to live with most of my crew, and soon all the other players fell into place just as serendipitously.

This film very much marks my transition back home, but it is especially significant to me because in many ways, it’s the end of something. Looking back on my past work, I see a thread in the themes and similar characters. With this short, I also put a pause on that story as I move forward to explore other aspects of my range and voice.

Without further ado, here is Cigarette Pact. Deepest thanks to my East Coast crew, and all those we have to share this with.