Brooklyn, New York

January 4, 2015


Finding an escape city has been on my radar over the past year. The trend in the cities I’m drawn to seems to be that they are reinventing themselves. Artists and craftsman have filled the empty storefronts of Portland, Austin, Nashville and Marfa. They then revitalize the past often fusing it with their present visions. The results are unique inspiring communities that are filled with against the grain opportunity for those with the courage to take it. Realizing that this is a movement I eventually would like to contribute to, I thirsted to find more of these special places in search of my own escape city. So, I made it to the pinnacle of these cities, Brooklyn.

Having only a day in Brooklyn, it was more of a tease than anything. Walking across the bridge to Brooklyn Roasting Company then to Kings County Distillery at the navel yards then onward to Bushwick from there littered with record stores, bookstores, vintage shops, etc was enough to check all my personal boxes. Especially at Kings County, which I wandered into despite its closed doors, asking the two sole employees present if I could please buy a bottle of bourbon. Not only did I get that, but a private tour by Patrick. He explained as the distiller tinkered like a mad scientist in the background among copper stills and tubs of fermenting mash. I tried to soak in his every word, but was soon lost in the character of the old brick building, the detail of the four support columns and the stunning light cutting through the barrel room. It was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to be a part of. A distillery housed in a building dating back to the prohibition now filled with small batch bourbon as they did their best to offset the coming shortage of the coveted American spirit. Rock on, fellas. You’re goddamn heroes.

They brought my own pipe dream to the forefront in my quest to take over an old movie theater. But I must remain patient as Los Angeles is where I need to be now. Lately, I may have been too harsh on LA, as it remains an amazing place to be young, and the only place to be a screenwriter. So I forge ahead, but dream on.

*Note: A few months later, I moved to Brooklyn and have lived there for over three years working for The Americans and writing. Funny how things turn out...