Sarah Nolen is a screenwriter who recently worked on Apple's science fiction epic Foundation and previously served as a staff writer for the sixth season of the Emmy-winning series The Americans.

Her role on the acclaimed period spy drama began three years prior as executive assistant to showrunner Joel Fields. From the beginning, Nolen savored the invaluable experience of being part of the collective writing team, providing research, scene work, notes and pitches, but she is honored to contribute to the final season with her script of episode seven. Working in the trenches with an incredible group of writers, cast and crew, she has learned first-hand how empowering every member of the team elevates story and character through the magic of collaboration.

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After studying Film and English at Penn State University, Nolen spent time on both coasts in Los Angeles and Brooklyn building a body of work, finding her voice as a writer, and directing several independent short films. Her latest venture was a science fiction narrative shot in Berlin, The Horseman. Nolen valued the amazing experience of bringing the project to life with an international cast and crew.

Nolen credits much of her creativity to her experience being raised by wolves in Pennsylvania. Growing up in a household as the only female — with her two brothers and father — Nolen escaped to film and fiction to feel understood, which soon translated into her own original works to make sense of things. She hopes by having the strength and vulnerability to share these stories, that they may inspire other lone wolves trying to understand themselves.